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From "Fred Eaker" <fredea...@gmail.com>
Subject Fine grain full-text searching
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2006 14:47:12 GMT
I am interested in performing fine grain full-text search on text
documents stored in a Jackrabbit repository.

The results I would like to get from the search include the nodes that
the documents are stored in, along with specific information about
where the searched text appears in the document itself.

For example, if my search for the word "security" hits an XML document
stored in an nt:resource node, I would like to know the xml:id and
xml:lang of of <p> element that the hit resides in.

To get this kind of functionality, would a custom QueryHandler need to
be written that indexes and searches that kind of information?

I have written a Lucene-based program that indexes, searches and
returns the kind of results I am interested in. Would I now need to
incorporate this into Jackrabbit, or is this kind of functionality
possible already?

Thanks for your help.


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