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From "Tobias Bocanegra" <tobias.bocane...@day.com>
Subject Re: CacheManager (Memory Management in Jackrabbit)
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2006 09:32:11 GMT
good idea.


On 11/2/06, Thomas Mueller <thomas.tom.mueller@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Just recently I experienced an out of memory problem with Jackrabbit.
> I analyzed the memory usage and found the problem is the combined size
> of the various caches of Jackrabbit, and other libraries (Lucene, the
> database, and others). The biggest problem was the combined size of
> the o.a.j.core.state.MLRUItemStateCache caches. Each session seems to
> create a few (?) of those caches, and each one is limited to 4 MB by
> default. At one point, I had 16 of those. 64 MB is not that much, but
> if you only allocate 128 MB it is already a problem. It is possible to
> change the size limit (by changing DEFAULT_MAX_MEM), but this means
> the biggest one can get at most this amount of memory.
> I think that would be good is some kind of dynamic (cache-) memory
> management. A single service that distributes the available memory (or
> at least some fixed amount) dynamically to all those caches (let's
> call it CacheManager). This could be per-repository, or a singleton.
> It would keep a weak reference to all caches. If a new cache is
> created, the cache manager would give him some minimum amount of
> memory (let's say 128 KB), and if the cache is used frequently, it
> would get more memory. The cache manager would shrink caches that are
> not used frequently.
> I suggest to implement such a singleton CacheManager. Currently just
> for MLRUItemStateCache, as this seems to be the biggest problem so
> far. Later on (if we think it's worth doing it), it could be extended
> to other caches as well.
> Maybe such a service already exists somewhere (apache commons?) Please
> tell me if you know of any such service. If not, I will go ahead and
> implement such a feature, unless there are other ideas.
> Thomas

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