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From Roland Kofler <roland.kof...@systemone.at>
Subject node unlock causes other nodes path to change
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2006 21:48:36 GMT
in some for me not very clear circumstances the unlocking of a node 
provokes a change of the path of some other node.

Not able to reproduce it yet fully as a jackrabbit testcase, so here 
some pseudocode:

 Page page = PageFactory.createNewPage(session, title0);
 Page page1 = PageFactory.createNewPage(session, title1);
* page.getJcrNode().unlock(); *
// after that page1.getJcrNode().getPath() is "/" !!!!

if i save the page before unlock even worse, the paths are equal.
Thats good for quantum nodes ;-) but bad in solid jcr behavior.

So for now I'm going to sleep and will isolate the defect further 
tomorrow, but I hope for some feedback if you have any clue what might 
been going on.

thanks, and more tomorrow ... hopefully


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