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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Re: Contents of jcr-server ?
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2006 17:25:41 GMT
hi cedric

there used to be a index.jsp, that roughly summarizes
the contents of the jcr-server.


and there were various threads regarding the aim and
the status of the jcr-server in the dev list.


peter darton once wrote a HOWTO. apparently it never made it into the

and corrigenda:

 >> I'm wondering whether this WebDAV stuff is provided to access a JCR
 >> Repository through a WebDAV layer (the client is a WebDAV one), or to
 >> implement the model 3 deployment over WebDAV (the client is a JCR
 >> one), or to have a full Java WebDAV server (a Slide successor).

its a chimaera....


points to the issue, that should improve this situation. particularly
separating the webdav-only part from the 'jcr-remoting-over-webdav'.
that fact, that the jcr-server contains 2 implementations with
completely different aims, apparently causes quite some confusion.

regarding 'full webdav server':

- we made some efforts to make the 'simple' server compliant to
   RFC2518. i don't know, if its a 'full' webdav server, since
   at Day we used to built thin webdav-views on top of our repository
   and not focusing too much on the Webdav itself ;)

- maybe the following post may give you some hints about
   the basics, that lead to the webdav-library present in
   jackrabbit (and your question regarding 'slide'):



> Cédric Damioli a écrit :
>> Hi all,

>> Can someone tell me what are the purposes of the different parts of 
>> jcr-server ? I searched ML and wiki, but didn't found anything...

see above. the index.jsp and the mentioned HOWTO should
provide answers for this.

>> There are 4 folders :
>> - client, which I suppose to be a generic Java WebDAV client
>> - webdav, which I suppose to be the generic parts of a Java WebDAV 
>> server, but not a server itself
>> - server, which seems to actually contains the WebDAV server, but it 
>> also seems there are two different implementations. Is it true ? And 
>> why ?
>> - webapp, which is the servlet part of the above server

see above

>> I also may be totally wrong about this.
>> If someone has pointers on relevant docs, wiki, ..., I would appreciate.
>> Of course, I would be happy to contribute back all the answers to a 
>> wiki or something like that, to make the stuff more clear to other 
>> users ?
>> Regards,

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