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From Eknath Kadam <eknathka...@yahoo.com>
Subject Using jackrabbit repository remotely
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2006 07:59:03 GMT
I dont what to do about this problem. When connected to a remote repository
using JNP, I see that a couple of repository admin functions are not available.

For example,
1. Registering cutom nodes.
  Workspace wsp = session.getWorkspace();
  NodeTypeManager ntMgr = wsp.getNodeTypeManager();
  NodeTypeRegistry ntReg = ((NodeTypeManagerImpl) ntMgr).getNodeTypeRegistry();
Above code will throw ClassCastException when trying cast NodeTypeManager to

2. Creating a new workspace remotely is also not supported

3. or shutting down a repository.
((org.apache.jackrabbit.core.RepositoryImpl) session.getRepository()).shutdown();

I was informed by Jukka that JCR-RMI only supports the standard JCR interfaces,
so you can't cast the adapters to Jackrabbit-specific classes.

I understand this but is there any other way or workaround to perform these
functions? Our system would go live soon and before that I need to figure out
how I can do this remotely.


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