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From Nicolas Modrzyk <nicolas.modr...@macnica.com>
Subject Re: JCR Apps and Exchangable
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2006 04:50:07 GMT
Hi Frans,

Your question is a bit like asking how to I move my application from  
postgresql to mysql given that both postgres and mysql are using SQL  
as a language to access the data.
You even have tools to import/export data in both of them.

As a short answer, you can't. Most of the cms have custom nodes that  
can be read but surely cannot be shown or handled properly by other CMS.

> 1. I just try to save my Magnolia data, and make another CMS that  
> can read Magnolia data, because I find that Magnolia dont have  
> feature to show the content in sort by date which for me it is a  
> basic feature for CMS, and to make a module on top of Magnolia, I  
> still cannot get the guide.

I am crossposting to the user of magnolia. To create a module for it,  
you basically copy and paste an other module and start creating your  
own. The guys are busy with a industrial production-ready 3.0  
version, so the documentation is still a bit behind.

I don't understand your problem on sorting by dates, this is just a  
simple query on the jcr, and any of the CMS can do that (magnolia  

Hope I have, to some extend, answered your question. Do not hesitate  
to ask more on the project's user list.



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