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From Frans Thamura <flatbur...@meruvian.com>
Subject JCR Apps and Exchangable
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2006 22:54:37 GMT
Hi All,

I just comparing several of JCR tech and use it in my company for case study

1. Liferay -> www.meruvian.com
2. Alfresco --> www.meruvian.com/mspace
3. Magnolia --> www.intercitra.com

I just finding a way, which one is the "real" JCR, because in my opinion 
any JCR apps can move the data from one JCR to another JCR, or merging 
all the JCR apps to share the same JCR repo.

my problem
1. I just try to save my Magnolia data, and make another CMS that can 
read Magnolia data, because I find that Magnolia dont have feature to 
show the content in sort by date which for me it is a basic feature for 
CMS, and to make a module on top of Magnolia, I still cannot get the guide.

2. alfresco, I want to implement several digital library based on 
Alfresco, but I see that to develop a module i need to learn to develop 
aspect, need to learn more, but in the spirit of JCR, I want to develop 
a simple JCR apps using Jackrabbit, and try to move. I find difficulty, 
because my Jackrabbit View is still cannot work in alfresco 's  JCR

my question is, how to make test that my apps can be moveable from one 
JCR ot another JCR apps, it is possible

i got that Jackrabbit have XML feature, to import and export, but anyone 
have try another apps?

it is possible?

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