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From "Robert r. Sanders" <robert.sand...@ipov.net>
Subject Re: Alfresco + Jackrabbit
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2006 19:27:44 GMT

> I think this would be a good idea too, as a matter of fact we already
> looked into the feasibility of something like that and it seems to work
> just fine. Some random access performance drawbacks if we want
> to keep it strictly bound to the JCR API.
> jCIFS though is a CIFS client, right? At least I have not found a CIFS
> server other than Starlasoft's / Alfresco's?
> Am I looking in the wrong place?
Duh, I believe I had the two mixed up.  I don't know why; overly 
optimistic thinking I guess.

>> Having tried mapping a WeDAV
>> location as a network drive I can say that it really doesn't work in a
>> usable fashion.
> Really? So far I experienced a generally suboptimal perfomance
> but it works just as well as CIFS for me, both on MacOSX and Windows.
> What issues did you encounter?
We tried Win2k client machines connecting to a Subversion server set to 
auto-version.  Opening a "web folder" worked ok; but trying to map that 
to a drive letter seemed to result in all sorts of issues, one of which 
I believe was an infinite loop in the login prompt.  Its been over a 
year, so the details have gotten kind of fuzzy.  Anyway, we were trying 
to use non-WebDAV aware programs (e.g. Flash, Wave file editors, etc...) 
and this also seemed to often result in zero-byte files being stored on 
the server.  Maybe a different combination on the server-side would have 
fixed the issue, I can't say.

> regards,
> david

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