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From "Giancarlo F. Berner" <Gianca...@TheBerners.ch>
Subject [Fwd: Re: Alfresco + Jackrabbit]
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2006 05:36:01 GMT
Interesting quote from John. However, the great idea of the JSR 170 
standard and Jackrabbit, is to develop hierarchically structured, 
content centric applications! The "hierarchical abstraction" of content 
allows loading content from a given "place" at a given time and not even 
having to worry about how it is stored. And the beauty: if you don't 
like the "file system" (well, isn't a database nothing else than a file 
system managed by a relationship model?) you can replace the persistence 
manager anytime without touching a line of application code. These of 
you remembering the old days of hierarchical databases will love Jackrabbit!

Frans Thamura wrote:
> anyone using Alfresco,
> i got an email from John Newton, said that Jackrabbit is just for flat 
> file, and bad solution for hiearchical data, which alfresco focus on
> i see the structure of Alfresco is different
> any input?
> Frans

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