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From Julian Reschke <julian.resc...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: SPI (jcr2spi) vs JDK 1.5
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2006 10:18:45 GMT
Nicolas schrieb:
> Sorry, there is a misunderstanding.
> Of course, everybody (even me) know assertions were introduced in Java 1.4.
> That is not the issue.

Actually, I forgot (and whas mislead by Eclipse).

> The issue is: JR doesn't build with Eclipse JDK 1.4 support enabled. You
> need to switch it to 1.5. It seems related to assertion (which is strange
> since as you said everybody know they were introduced in 1.4).  I didn't
> investigate this issue any further but what I know is in Eclipse you 
> need to
> enable Java 1.5 to be able to build the project.

Actually, you don't need to switch Eclipse to 1.5. Just configure the 
Java compliance settings so that "Generated .class compatibility" and 
"Source compatibility" are set to 1.4 as well (which is not the default).

> I have had this questions a few times, this is why I brought it up when
> Julian asked about it. It is not a major issue, but can be annoying to new
> users and we should ease as most as possible their path I think.

Best regards, Julian

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