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From "Christophe Lombart" <christophe.lomb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Persisting beans in the content repository
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2006 08:39:23 GMT
Hi Nicolas,

On 10/13/06, Nicolas Modrzyk <nicolas.modrzyk@macnica.com> wrote:
> Christophe,
> Given the thing we like in our tool, is the fact that no
> configuration is needed, you just need a reference to the node you
> want to store the bean,

Concerning configuration :
Our configuration contains information on the mapping strategy to use
per persistence class.

I think mapping info is required to customise mapping strategies and
increase performance (eg. with caching & proxies definition). How to
load or save an object graph without configuration mapping info ? it
should be possible but you have only one mapping strategy in this
case. Furthermore, your content repo structure depends on your
"default" mapping strategy.  How your tools is supporting interface &
inheritance ? how to map a java bean field into a jcr property having
another name ? How to make value conversion ?
Anyway, we are interesting by a contribution to use annotations and
why not we can define a default mapping strategy if the peristent
class is not present in the config info. Any kind of contribution in
this area is welcome.

Concerning the reference node present in the API :
It was a long discussion in the Graffito team : either the path (or
another kind of node id ) is defined in the object to persist or the
persistence API gives to possibility to defined the node path to use.
Right now, we are following what many ORM are doing : define the path
in the object to persist. why is it a problem to work like this ?

> could that be fitted in Graffito by any means ?
Configuration : Yes, if we define a default mapping strategy. It could
be interesting in some cases for lazy developers :-)

reference node : I'm waiting for your arguments

> Also, what Timur said on the thread on the server side:
> http://www.theserverside.com/news/thread.tss?thread_id=42547#219899
> He had the api to also do the reverse. Meaning, he could create a
> bean from some data available in the repository.
> I could imagine use-cases where this could be useful. Would this be
> possible within Graffito ?

What do you mean by creating bean from the repo ? Is it not a "simple"
retrieve from the repo to populate some beans ? if true, yes of
course. We are also supporting lazy loading (optional) and other
techniques to maximize performances.
With our OCM tools, you can insert, update, delete and retrieve beans
from a JCR repo. Like I said on TSS, we want to make abstraction on
the JCR without losing its flexibility.

I'm reviewing the HTML editor in Graffito and after hat I will review
the OCM doc and make a tutorial to help the community.

> would that be committed in the contrib section ?

Still under discussion. We will see :-)
Best regards,


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