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From "Nicolas " <nto...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (JCR-569) WorkspaceImporter Refactoring
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2006 20:50:44 GMT
Sure. Here it is:

The current o.a.j.core.xml.WorspaceImporter class has one main
responsability: to import data provided by a ContentHandler to the
repository. It needs to check imported data to maintain consistancy and
coherence of the repository and in some cases rejects them.

The calling stack is:
- WorkspaceImporter implements Importer
- SysViewImportHandler
- SaxParser (and various classes associated)
- Other classes

The Importer interface is composed of 4 methods: start, end, startNode,
endNode. The current WorkspaceImporter contains only two protected classe

Currently the code is complex to grasp and have some issues I would like to
solve with this iteration of the backup tool (I am using this class

Issues I am trying to solve:
- Methods are too long: there are 7 methods in this class for 619 lines. In
average one method per 88 lines. This goes with the 4 levels of if/else.
This code is hard to debug.

- Complexity: there is no clear separation of concerns between methods. This
is partly due to the Importer interface quite close to the XML. For
instance, startNode() checks the validity of the import ad endNode do. We
need to create more methods giving a role to each one.

- Factorizing/Code duplicate: Right now we check several times the same
thing and sometimes not at all. For instance we check the sanity of the
workspace at the end of each node and at the end of the import. We also
check several times if a node can be added without disrupting the
consistancy of the repository. We should have a private dedicated method for

- Bugs: jcr:root is not handled correctly and other bugs have been detected.
Since the code is hardly readable,

-  Lack of flexibility: I will give just an example. Because of this
monolothic design (only 7 methods), the checks are embedded in each method
(cf. upper). I had to subclass the 4 methods of the Importer interface. Also
the WorkspaceImporter initiates versioning if needed and remap some UUID all
the time.

My proposal is in four parts:

- Add some private methods to abstract some of the complex issue this class
is managing

- Add more control in the constructor (for instance for our backup tool):
add a constructor with the BatchedItemOperation so we can choose if needed
the needed ItemStateManager. (For instance to restore the version history).

- Add a raw flag in the constructor to import the content as it is without
initializing versioning and escaping some checks. This is a use case already

- With this new design, solve remaining bugs and handle the jcr:root issue.

This new class will be subclassed by WorkspaceImporter to handle the
workspace (I am not using it for now) and for the sanityCheck(): therefore
it will be only a few lines and we will have good SoC.

Please have a look as the patch proposed earlier to have a look at the
design and the new code (it is far from over and a lot of methods are


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