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From "David Nuescheler" <david.nuesche...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Improving the accessibility of the Jackrabbit core
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2006 11:14:56 GMT
Hi Nico,

thanks for your explanations.

> My point was unclear: I meant JR core would have more functionnality (and
> some new ones are still needed) with a little bit of documentation of this
> part. I would gladly work on this part with your help since I will need to
> understand some parts better than I currently do.

That sounds fantastic and I think we can all benefit from a
documentation of your experience with the Jackrabbit core.

I agree with you that the features like the hot backup/restore or
clustering functionality are not even close to being complete in the
current core.

Nevertheless, I think that the amount of functionality missing in the core
is both well-known and also finite. Personally, I don't think
that we are looking at much more beyond the two mentioned features.

Personally, I believe that for example a "restore" facility has to be
buried deep down in the core and therefore the code has to comply
with the high quality requirements that we have for code in the core
and for the seasoned "Jackrabbit experience" of a developer.

In my mind your experience with developing very close
to the "heart" of Jackrabbit should not lead us to opening
up the core so inexperienced Jackrabbit developers can
contribute, but it should help us realize that we have
very high requirements for Jackrabbit developers that make
modifications to the core.

While I agree that it would be great to make the core
smaller and therefore offer more extension points, I think
that both "backup/restore" and "clustering" have to go into the
core and have to be developed very carefully and therefore are
in my mind not really suited to be developed by inexperienced

Or in short: In hindsight I think it is questionable to offer the
"Backup tool" as a Summer of Code Project.

...and please don't get me wrong, I can only blame myself for
not speaking up at the time, but I didn't see it coming either.
But I guess having this discussion now, is very valuable and will help
us to make smarter decisions in the future.


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