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From Dan Connelly <dsconne...@adelphia.net>
Subject Re: EMF Graffito Integration, Plan B
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2006 12:54:56 GMT

In response to:

>> Ideally, Jackrabbit code would make a default mapping of "object models"
>> (not just EMF) cleaner and easier than the Graffito code does.
> I don't see any functional changes being introduced if the JCR mapping
> tool is to move from Graffito to Jackrabbit.

I have only now had a look at the Graffito Spring Integration.  I see 
that I slandered the Graffito code unnecessarily.   The Spring 
integration has the funtionality I was looking for.

Since the Spring integration is migrating to Jackrabbity with the JCR 
mapping, all is well.


       -- Dan

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