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From Dan Connelly <dsconne...@adelphia.net>
Subject Re: EMF Graffito Integration, Plan B
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2006 10:05:49 GMT

It appears from Jukka's post yesterday that "jcr-mapping" will be moving 
into Jackrabbit sooner rather than later.   It will then have hatched 
out of the incubator.   It will have a regular life with a regular 
release cycle.  

JCR mapping may, in practice, become indistinguishable from Jackrabbit 
itself.    Today's rabbit is more Cheshire than Jack anyway, as 
programmer Alice sees it, being a smile hung on the JCR.     So, in 
practice, the Zen of Jackrabbit might be in its mapping capabilities.

Or, taking that step back, "mapping directly to jackrabbit" will soon be 
exactly what my "graffito" project is all about.    Please excuse the 

Permit me to return to a topic you raised yesterday on our EMF 
integration discussion:   Persisting dynamic EMF models.   This issue 
boils down (in my mind) to the question of whether a graffito-like 
jcr-mapping file is a necessity or merely useful.  

Okay, it is obviously useful.  Is it necessary.     That translates to 
the question of whether all objects in an entire EMF JackrabbitResource 
can be persisted cleanly, by default.   Presumably there is a 
one-size-fits-all emf:unstructured (a spawn of nt:unstructured).    The 
answer is Yes, the default mapping would work.   But we are not there yet.

Going *completely* in that direction does eliminate (in my mind) the 
need to surface any dependency name other than "jackrabbit".  There are 
no visible jcr mapping, graffito or otherwise.     Ideally, Jackrabbit 
code would make a default mapping of "object models" (not just EMF) 
cleaner and easier than the Graffito code does.

So the bathwater will be thrown out.   But do we keep the baby, this 
particular baby?   And does that baby age well?    I think it survives 
if the namespace mapping is handled well.   Open questions here.

[Cross CC posting this to Jackrabbit Dev.]

       -- Dan

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