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From Dan Connelly <dsconne...@adelphia.net>
Subject Re: Object-content mapping tool in Graffito
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2006 18:15:58 GMT

Let me suggest that a *fresh* name for the "jcr mapping" component when 
(if) it moves to Jackrabbit would help to 1) create a bigger buzz, 2) 
bring in fresh contributors and 3) reduce confusion.

Here are a few suggestions that seem to suggest themselves.    To my 
knowledge (which is limited) any one of them could be used without 

    * Occam
    * Jacob
    * Snowshoe  (non-hibernating jackrabbit)
    * JackInPOX  (like JPOX, Java Persistent ObjectX)
    * Jacko

    -- Dan

Jukka Zitting wrote:

> hI,
> On 9/7/06, Dan Connelly <dsconnelly@adelphia.net> wrote:
>> Any idea, at this point, what name you would use for this subproject in
>> Jackrabbit?
>> I have "graffito" in my dependent code now.   I would not want to change
>> this to "jackrabbit" as that would imply a dependency that does not
>> exist.   (Other JCRs are not excluded.)
> I would figure that the mapping too would end up as something like a
> "jcr-mapping" project within the "org.apache.jackrabbit" group. Note
> that the "Jackrabbit content repository" appears independently as a
> "jackrabbit-core" project within the same group, so having the mapping
> tool as a Jackrabbit subproject wouldn't imply a code dependency on
> the Jackrabbit core as they would both just share the JCR API
> dependency and the same groupId.
> BR,
> Jukka Zitting

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