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From Dan Connelly <dsconne...@adelphia.net>
Subject SORRY Re: JSR 283: hard links are NOT back
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2006 22:57:45 GMT
My mistake.   I was looking at an old JSR 170 spec.    But my question 
remain the same.    Hard links would be really nice to have.   Either 
that or very strong soft link support.

Dan Connelly wrote:

> I see from the archives that hard links were removed from Jackrabbit 
> when they got removed from the JSR 170 spec.
> The "Multiple Parent" requirement (Section 6.11), a/k/a hard links, is 
> back in the early draft of JSR 283.    Did hard links ever work in 
> Jackrabbit?   Could JR turn on its support for hard links in some 
> future release, or is this feature just a spec writer's pipe dream?
> Am I right in assuming that this feature was considered too *nix-ish 
> for an MS-ish world?
> Is the real world satisfied having only REFERENCE-based soft links to 
> mix:referenceables?
>       -- Dan

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