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From Dave Bobby <dvbob...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Improving the accessibility of the Jackrabbit core
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2006 15:57:37 GMT
I will put in my 2c since I did not see many replies to this post and I think addressing this
question is very important for any open source project. i have not had much time to play with
JR due to other work, so some of this might already be there.

. Screenshots or easily downloadable sample app which actually does something with custom
node types. the base war download is good, but how far could you go with it. Most open source
applications have a contacts application or a phone book, or something similar. something
that has a face, like a jsp to view whats in the repository would be great
. the wiki has not been updated regularly, either the information is old or not many people
go to it
. the deployment models - creating a complete tomcat dist, which has the various deployment
options running right out of the box would be nice. 
. a java example to add node types, for example for a phone book, which CRUDs the  node types
would be nice 
. maybe a page, which lists the possibilities of applications that could be built with JR
will be useful for newbies.

just my 2c.



Nicolas  <ntoper@gmail.com> wrote: Hi,

I have got familiar with JR codebase in the last few months and follow is
based on my experience in the backup tool.
The community is really helpful when you need some help but in order to
understand the basic concept you need to dig into the code and into the JCR

A general documentation might be a good idea: a user one where key concepts
are explained (versioning, nodetypes, and so on). We can I think mostly
copy/paste from the JCR to the Wiki. We also need  I believe some
documentations about JR 's internals: how a node is updated what is an

my blog! http://www.deviant-abstraction.net !!

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