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From David Kennedy <da...@us.ibm.com>
Subject Re: Litmus setup to run against jackrabbit
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2006 15:12:21 GMT
Angela Schreiber <anchela@day.com> wrote on 08/15/2006 10:21:46 AM:

> David Kennedy wrote:
> > I'm running JCRWebdavServerServlet (not the simple server).
> hm. this doesn't make sense from my point of view.

I guess you're saying it doesn't make sense that I'd be running litmus 
against the JCRWebdavServerServlet and not that the problem is occurring. 
I didn't realize "all bets are off" with JCRWebdavServerServlet and that 
only the SimpleWebdavServlet is modeled to be compliant.  I thought the 
remoting with the JCRWebDavServerServlet was still an attempt to be 
compliant (with additional extensions where needed).  My mistake.  When 
you responded previously that the testcases you used to drive the webdav 
server were the litmus tests, I'd assumed that the same tests could be 
used against either servlet.  Do you have a test suite you use to drive 
the JCRWebdavServerServlet?

btw, as I'm sure you are aware, the reason the tests wouldn't run is 
because based on the URL, 
http://<host>:<port>/<contextroot>/server/litmus, that is parsed litmus
parsed to be the workspace (which I adjusted the config so my default 
workspace was created as litmus) and the Resource path is /.  This will 
cause the RootItemCollection to be created which, when requested for its 
collection, returns the parent or RootCollection representing the 
workspace.  This collection does not permit addMember or removeMember.

My litmus tests did run against the SimpleWebdavServlet with the exception 
of propmanyns of prop (possibly the patch you recently contributed) and 
propget of prop (No value given for property {kappa}somename)

So is there a suite of tests to run against JCRWebdavServerServlet?

> litmus expects that a MKCOL can be performed without request
> body, that a simple file can be created and modified and
> last but not least that any kind of properties can be set
> and removed and reset.
> the simple server was built keeping dav compliance in mind.
> in contrast this was never the aim for the jcr-server. the
> aim of the jcr-server was and is - as i keep pointing out -
> to allow remoting of jcr calls via webdav. this is a different
> thing and complete dav compliance was never the goal.
> example:
> MKCOL is used to call Node.addNode(). Under certain conditions
> providing a jcr name only might not be sufficient and a
> nodetype name must be specified. this would be done by building
> a request body.
> the differences between simple and jcr-server have been
> explained various times in the dev list and a summary is
> also present in the index.jsp.
> regards
> angela

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