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From Julian Reschke <julian.resc...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: Dreamweaver to jackrabbit
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2006 12:58:42 GMT
elangodi kalaimani schrieb:
> Hi ,
>   This is with regard to a problem faced while trying to checkin/check out files from
Dreamweaver 8.0 to jackrabbit 1.0.1.
>   After analyzing the http conversation, I found the following things happening,
>   - The mix:versionable property and the jcr:isCheckedOut property, which are very vital
for the versioning and checkin/checkout operations are not getting set on a node, while creating
it and putting it in to the jackrabbit repository.
>   -Basically these properties are set while saving a new node.But these are not set on
initializing the DavResource properties.Why is this not getting initialized, On WebDAV request
are these properties set?
>   -Dreamweaver does not make a call directly to doCheckin() or the doCheckout() mathods.The
request method is only PROPFIND, GET,LOCK, PUT, OPTIONS, MKCOL etc. How to make jackrabbit
cater to the checkin/checkout operations with only the above mentioned request methods.


I did some traces with an eval version of Dreamweaver, Jackrabbit and 
another WebDAV server.

First of all, what Dreamweaver calls "checkin/checkout" is locking, 
nothing more.

That being said, the implementation of locking seems to be very weird 
(as with all Adobe products, as far as I can recall).

After sending a LOCK request, it doesn't simply take the lock token, but 
does a PROPFIND request of DAV:activelock to retrieve it. That seems to 
fail with Jackrabbit as it doesn't preserve what was sent as DAV:owner, 
contrary to 

Best regards, Julian

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