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From Jack Park <jack.p...@sri.com>
Subject Re: AbstractSAXEventGenerator query
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2006 14:17:53 GMT

What I have done in the mean time is simply clone code from two classes, 
AbstractSAXEventGenerator and the class that extends it and, from that, 
written my own exporter that works fine!

I don't have the results in front of me, and perhaps I should try 
another export just to prove it again (in case some code changed 
recently), but, the general form of an export I did looks like this:
<node ...>
I did not see any </node>
But, I will say this: I only hand cleaned up the first half dozen nodes 
in a fairly large export. Exports come without any line breaks for 
prettyprinting, so it's quite a chore to turn the file into a 
"prettyprint" appearance to see the missing </node>

I should point out that I remain most pleased with jackrabbit!


Stefan Guggisberg wrote:
> On 8/6/06, Jack Park <jack.park@sri.com> wrote:
>> What might be the objections raised to turning this abstract class into
>> a public one (in future distributions) for purposes of allowing others
>> to write exporters in jackrabbit applications that have different
>> behaviors? That would be done by externally extending this class. (I
>> realize that, as a default, one can simply duplicate the code in this
>> class externally).
> AbstractSAXEventGenerator is a core class. i try to avoid making internal
> jackrabbit classes public in order to discourage their use from 
> outside of the
> core package. core classes should not be externally referenced as they 
> might
> change at any time and without notice.
> if AbstractSAXEventGenerator is reasonably generic and without
> dependencies on the core we could consider moving it to a 'util'
> package. feel free to file an 'enhancement' issue.
>> As a for instance, I would prefer to be able to just export an arbitrary
>> node (perhaps there is a way, but I haven't found it), and I'd prefer to
>> have the namespace declarations not go with the first node exported, but
>> instead, go with a set of declarations outside nodes.
>> And, I wouldn't mind a closing </node> tag (not available in an svn
>> build from a month ago, possibly changed lately?)
> i seriously doubt that the exported xml is not wellformed. please 
> create a
> jira issue if you can proof me wrong.
> cheers
> stefan
>> Thanks.
>> Jack

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