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From Thomas Scheffler <thomas.scheff...@uni-jena.de>
Subject Re: error in node.save() don't cancel child added node
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2006 18:35:48 GMT
Am Donnerstag, 3. August 2006 20:24 schrieb Paco Avila:
> El jue, 03-08-2006 a las 20:16 +0200, Tobias Bocanegra escribió:
> > if the save fails, no item is persisted and the node remains in the
> > transient space of his session.
> ok, the others users can't see this node, but the "adder" user can. How
> do I elimnate this node from the "adder" user session? If the node can't
> be added because of lack of privileges it shold be automatically removed
> from transiente space?

This would be like clearing your whole word document if you don't have 
necessary write permissions on FIRST save attempt to a directory. Nobody 
really want to have this "feature"!
If you can not save your node you maybe want to try to save it as child of 
another node or discard it manually.


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