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From Lars Heuer <he...@semagia.com>
Subject Re: using jackrabbit to store email with meta-data
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2006 20:16:20 GMT
Hi Robert,

> one of the main reasons why i want to use webDAV is that it's RESTful.
> IMAP and POP3 both suck for the problems i'm interested in because
> they are not.

Yes. But I just want to create a RESTful 'view' at IMAP / POP3.
Nothing to edit / change, only view. :) I think that is possible with
the 'legacy' protocols. :)

> IMHO email is basically authoring and so is a good match for webDAV.
> i'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the way you planned to map
> common email operations to RESTful operations.

Well, the RESTful email system is a long term project and I don't have
investigated much time to think about RESTful operations. Maybe Jérôme
(the deveoloper of Restlet) has investigated more thought on it.

The complete RESTful e-mail system is just an idea. I want my RESTful
views first. :)

>> XML For Digital Preservation: XML Implementation Options for E-Mails
>> <http://www.digitaleduurzaamheid.nl/bibliotheek/docs/email-xml-imp.pdf>

> what are the advantages of using xml?

I think it might be easier to transform XML into another format than
the plain e-mail text.

What do you want to achive with your project? Leave IMAP/POP3
completely out?

Best regards,

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