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From Nicolas Modrzyk <Nicolas.Modr...@macnica.com>
Subject Re: web dav (only folders displayed when using custom repository)
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2006 06:09:25 GMT
Hi Angela,

Thank you for your really quick and precise answer. I found my way  
through the webdav configuration now. I like the different set of  
interfaces available, really makes everything extendable and nicely  

Would it be possible to have the webdav configuration DTD available  
as a url from the jackrabbit side ? Or is it too far offside the  
project ?

I'd be interested into other people feedback on the subject now that  
I am at it. As in ... how is webdav practically used on top of the  
JCR ? In my own project, I'm focusing into importing/exporting binary  
content using the access controls defined. Are there any other  
scenarios ?



On Jul 7, 2006, at 7:09 PM, Angela Schreiber wrote:

> Nicolas Modrzyk wrote:
>> It's working great, except I can only see and handle folders. Any   
>> obvious reasons for that ? Did I mis-configured or forgot to do   
>> something ?
> i would check the configuration first. it defines among
> other things, which nodetypes should be treated as
> collections.
> angela

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