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From Julien Viet <jul...@jboss.com>
Subject Re: Transaction control over RMI
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2006 22:27:30 GMT
RMI won't do anything for you.

Create an implementation that use remote session EJBs rather and it 
should be transparent.

Tobias Bocanegra wrote:
> transactions are implizitely handled by the transaction monitor of the
> host, your repository is running (e.g. appserver). i don't know, how
> the RMI use-case is normally dealed with in other applications, but i
> would assume, that this somehow should work transparently. i.e. the
> RMI client resources should participate in the JTA transactions and
> marchal them to the server.
> but i don't know, if this already works like this.
> regards, toby
> On 7/22/06, Jaka Jaksic <jaka.jaksic@telemach.net> wrote:
>> Hi again!
>> I may have overlooked something, but I don't see a way to control 
>> repository
>> transactions over RMI. I would like to explicitly begin and commit
>> transactions from the client side, but the RMI package only covers the 
>> basic
>> (transactionless) Session interface. Is there a plan to create RMI 
>> classes
>> for XASession as well, or is there some other way to control transactios
>> over RMI?
>> Regards,
>> Jaka

Julien Viet
JBoss Portal Project Lead
Redhat Inc.

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