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From Paul en/of Alexandra <paulalexan...@home.nl>
Subject Elements en Property Type
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 21:12:51 GMT

I would like to import an xml file (document view) that mainly contains 
values that are stored in an element. For example:

  <Name>a Name</Name>
  <Address>an Address</Address>

If this would have been described as follows:
  <Person name="a Name" address="an Address" number="3"/>

Then it would be easy to make a compact node type description. Something 

[Person] > nt:base
  -name (string)
  -address (string)
  -number (long)

But up to now i haven't found a way to specify the right jcr property 
type of an xml element. It there a standard way to do this?


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