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From "Marcel Reutegger" <marcel.reuteg...@day.com>
Subject Re: Searching with like over the path
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 07:55:33 GMT
Hi Helio,

On 6/26/06, hsp <piccinatto@ibest.com.br> wrote:
> "SELECT * FROM my:base WHERE jcr:path LIKE '/Folder1/F%' "
> I want the nodes under Folder1 and begining the name with F, but
> there is no results. Why, is this an issue or it is out of the spec of jcr?

The jcr:path is only a pseudo property, which means there are a lot of
restrictions on it. you can basically use it to restrict the results
to a certain subtree. Everything else you can think of is not
specified in jsr 170.

> Is there another way to get the nodes in such situation?

no, currently not. but it is on the wish list of several people to
support the fn:name() in XPath or similar. See:

There are also ongoing discussions in the jsr 283 expert group on
enhancements in this area.


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