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From "Edgar Poce" <edgarp...@gmail.com>
Subject running JCA connector on JBOSS 4.03SP1
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2006 16:32:58 GMT

  I'm trying to use the jca connector in jboss 4.03SP1 and I found
some problems.

1- the jca project supports jca 1.0 and jboss 4.03SP1 uses jca 1.5.

2 - the shutdown mechanism doesn't work correctly. It shutdowns the
repository when the RA (resource adapter) is garbage collected. It
causes redeployment to fail because sometimes the new RA is redeployed
before the old one is garbage collected.

3 - the ManagedConnection is not cleaned up correctly. I think that
the underlying jcr Session should be refreshed by calling
refresh(false) at JCAManagedConnection#cleanup. In the current
implementation a new Session see the changes made by a closed session
that leaved uncommitted changes.

4 - Apparently the connector doesn't support CMT (container managed
transactions). if the jcr session is closed inside a CMT the AS
(application server) throws an exception on commit, and if the jcr
session is leaved open the AS commits the TX successfully but it
causes a connection leak by leaving the connection open.

With little knowledge of JCA I could fix the problems from 1 to 3, but
I'm not sure about the right way to fix the fourth.

Would it be a good fix to bind the jcr session to the transaction life
cycle and close the handle when XAResource#end is called by the AS?
this behaviour could be set in the DS (datasource) by a configuration
property that chooses the connection release mode. Would it break the
JCA contract?.

Thanks in advance,

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