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From stephan lohwasser <stephan.lohwas...@systemone.at>
Subject NodeTypeRegistry.registerNodetypes(Collection); circular dependencies in reference constraints
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 16:46:58 GMT
hi all,
i have a problem concerning the registration of a set of nodetypes with 
circular references in value constraints of reference properties.

this is an excerpt of the cnd of the nodetypes to be registered:
<s1Aspect = 'http://www.systemone.at/jcr/aspect'>
<s1 = 'http://www.systemone.at/jcr'>

        - s1:organisation (reference)
                multiple copy
                < 's1Aspect:organisation'

        - s1:contact (reference)
                multiple copy
                < 's1Aspect:person'

as you can see the person references to nodes of type organisation and 
organisation references to person.
when trying to register an InvalidNodeTypeDefException is thrown at the 
person nodetype, stating that the nodetype organisation was not found.

is there a way to get these nodetypes running?
do i totally missunderstand the concept of value constarints? (is there 
a way to specify which of which type a reference may be? and is this the 
way to to it?)

thanks a lot.

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