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From Sandro Böhme <sandro.boe...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: Apache2 licensed JCRBrowser Eclipse plugin // version 0.9.0 released
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2006 22:08:18 GMT
Hello Alex,

Alexandru Popescu wrote:
> Thanks Sandro for remembering this tool. I was looking at it a long
> time ago (and I guess that I did it through jLibrary). I have a
> question: what is the difference between standard edition and the
> jlibrary edition?
That's a good question. Martin is right it's
a subset of the standard edition, it also contains a special
jLibrary connector plugin that of course only makes sense within
jLibrary. It makes it possible to switch very easily between
different local jLibrary repositories. There is practically no
configuration needed to switch between the this repositories.

I think I should explain a bit what I mean with a connector plugin:
The JCRBrowser is divided into three different kinds of plugins
o The connector plugins,
o the UI plugin
o and the API plugin.

The API is a simple Eclipse extension point that basically specifies
how to get a JCR repository and a JCR session.
The connector plugins expose their JCR repositories and sessions via
this API.
And finally the UI is developed to use the API to retrieve the JCR
repository and the JCR session.
This makes it possible to add new connectors quite easily and to use
only JCR classes in the UI without being dependent on a repository
implementation. I can use a lot of the pluggability power of Eclipse

At the moment I have three connector plugins. A special jLibrary 
connector, a connector for a local Jackrabbit repository and a
connector for a remote repository (via RMI).

The jLibrary edition contains:
o of course the jLibrary connector and
o the remote repository connector. The latter makes it possible to also
connect to remote jLibrary repositories.

The standard edition contains:
o also the remote repository connector
o but it additionally has the connector for local Jackrabbit repositories

If you want, you can even put all connectors together in an own edition.
It will work without problems. I just seperated them to avoid confusing
either the jLibrary users with the local Jackrabbit connection in the
preferences or the users that don't use jLibrary with a jLibrary
connection method.

Quite a long story but now you also know the simple architecture
with the three component types.

> The "killer" feature I am looking for is the possibility to edit the
> values on different properties, add/remove properties. This woul be an
> wonderfull admin tool (like the ones our RDBMS DBAs have)

Yes I know it would be nice. I already think about to create such a tool 
  and I have a good idea how to easily create the business logic and how 
to be able to easily maintain the business logic (I don't have a prove
of concept yet). But I also know that it will need a lot of effort 
anyway and it's prio 2 after getting the JCRBrowser final...



> ./alex
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> .w( the_mindstorm )p.
> On 6/13/06, Sandro Boehme <sandro.boehme@gmx.de> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> From time to time I read in the list that people are not really
>> happy about the open source tooling around the JSR-170. This is
>> why I would like to point to the JCRBrowser Eclipse plugin. A
>> couple of months ago I initiated the project because when I
>> started working with the JCR I also had a hard time to find out
>> what's actually in the repository and what's not. The plugin can
>> be found at http://sourceforge.net/projects/jcrbrowser
>> ++ Features ++
>> With a view to release a stable plugin as soon as possible the
>> project primarily concentrates on displaying the repository data.
>> Aside from some other views it contains a node tree and a list
>> of the according properties. It is also possible to search within
>> the repository based on the XPath search specified in the
>> JSR-170. Of course everybody is welcome to integrate his own
>> JSR-170 compliant command line tool in this JCRBrowser.
>> ++ Connectors ++
>> The Standard Edition contains a connector to a RMI Server and a
>> connector to a local Jackrabbit repository configured with a
>> Derby persistence manager. There is also a jLibrary Edition
>> containing a specific jLibrary connector which supports easy
>> connecting and switching between jLibrary repositories.
>> ++ Roadmap ++
>> o context sensitive help system
>> o import / export utilizing the JSR-170 api
>> o interaction with PostgreSQL PM
>> o connectors to other repositories and JCR implementations
>> ++ New feature announcements ++
>> I'm looking forward to offering you the new features
>> indicated in the roadmap. In order to avoid annoying
>> noise on the list I will rather announce them at the
>> sourceforge homepage than on the list. The easiest way
>> to stay tuned is to subscribe to the RSS feed for full
>> text project news releases 
>> (http://sourceforge.net/export/rss2_project.php?group_id=154841).
>> Thanks to Martin Perez who is really a helpful partner
>> in this project!
>> Best regards and enjoy the JCRBrowser,
>> Sandro
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>> http://www.inovex.de
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