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From stephan lohwasser <stephan.lohwas...@systemone.at>
Subject element order in queries.
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2006 13:13:34 GMT
hi all,
i have a problem concerning xPath queries for a certain nodetypes and 
their respective order.
all i want to do is find all nodes of a certain nodetype called 
's1Nt:element'. the query i wrote goes like this:

//element(*, s1NT:element)

all elements are located as same name siblings below s1Nt:page nodes, 
ie. there are many page nodes wich can have many element child nodes.

when executing the query i get no results, but the following error 
messages form jackrabbit/lucene (the error  occurrs several times below 
differen page nodes):
2006-06-06 10:11:53,997 ERROR 
Internal error: unable to determine document order of nodes:
2006-06-06 10:11:53,997 ERROR 
 Node1: /s1:root/s1:pages/s1:page[3126]/s1:elementRoot/s1:element[3]
2006-06-06 10:11:53,997 ERROR 
 Node2: /s1:root/s1:pages/s1:page[3126]/s1:elementRoot/s1:element

is it my fault, or a jackrabbit bug?
i also thought it could be due to the fact that we have switched of 
document order in the repository xml:
    <Workspace name="default">
            *<param name="documentOrder" value="false"/>*<!-- improves 
performance on queries-->
but: it is not. i have switched it on and the error still occurs.

thanks a lot.

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