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From "Stefan Guggisberg" <stefan.guggisb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Conflicting propertyDefinitions within a nodeType
Date Thu, 04 May 2006 09:13:17 GMT
On 5/3/06, David Kennedy <davek@us.ibm.com> wrote:
> I have 2 nodeType definitions where one inherits from the other.  Both
> have a definition for a property having the same name.  In this particular
> case they happened to be the same (have the same attribute values).  On
> registration of the nodeType, I get a NodeTypeConflictException:
> "ambiguous property definition". Since the inheritance model of nodeType
> definition is left up to the implementation, what is jackrabbit's model?
> Why wouldn't the subtype definition override the supertype's definition?

the short answer is: in order to stay out of trouble ;-)

as you mentioned the node type inheritance behavior is not clearly defined.

let's take types T1 and T2.

T1 has a non-mandatory string-valued property, P.
T2 has a mandatory string-valued property, P.

T2 could theoretically be a subclass of T1. T1 on the other hand
cannot be a subclass of T2 because the 'mandatory' constraint
of T2 would be violated.

the issue of overriding property or child node definitions in
node type subclasses is not just limited to the 'mandatory' flag.

e.g. the 'protected' flag, required type, value constraints etc.
pose similar problems.

take for example a property definition with a value constraint
being overridden in a subclass by a property definition with
a different value constraint. if we would allow definitions to be
overridden by more restrictive definitions in subclasses, how do
we determine if a specific value constraint is more restrictive than
another? this could be very difficult, especially in the case of
regular expressions...

another example: T1 defines a multi-valued property P. T2 extends
from T1 and defines a single-valued but otherwise identical property.
is T2's definition of P overriding T1's definition or is it just
adding another definition? nt:unstructured for that matter contains
two property definitions that are identical except for their 'multiple'

the current implementation in jackrabbit is absolutely compliant
with the jsr-170 spec. i agree that node type inheritance behavior needs to be
clarified; we've already discussed this issue earlier in the jsr-170
expert group.
the good news is that the next maintenance release (jcr 1.0.1) will
address this


> FWIW, this is where it is failing in EffectiveNodeType:
>                                 if (pd.getRequiredType() ==
> epd.getRequiredType()
>                                         && pd.isMultiple() ==
> epd.isMultiple()) {
>                                     // conflict
>                                     String msg = "The property definition
> for '"
>                                             + name + "' in node type '"
>                                             + def.getDeclaringNodeType()
>                                             + "' conflicts with node type
> '"
>                                             +
> existingDef.getDeclaringNodeType()
>                                             + "': ambiguous property
> definition";
> David

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