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From Carlos Villegas <...@uniscope.jp>
Subject jcr-rmi behind firewall
Date Fri, 19 May 2006 15:45:50 GMT

I've been trying to connect to a jcr-rmi instance running on JBoss 
behind a firewall with no success.
According to the JBoss documentation, I need to open 3 ports on a 
standard configuration: 1098,1099, and 4444. I've done this and I'm able 
to invoke EJBs through RMI to the server behind the firewall.
However, it doesn't work for the jcr-rmi server. The jcr-rmi is bound to 
JBoss JNDI as per the instructions in jcr-rmi javadocs. It works fine 
with no firewall in the middle.
What I'm noticing is that when I run my jcr-rmi service and bind it to 
JNDI it seems to open an anonymous port on the server. I also see the 
client trying to connect to this port when I invoke the first operation 
on the remote Repository instance. But since the port is allocated 
randomly I can't set a firewall rule for it!
Any ideas how to configure this port?


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