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From Marcel Reutegger <marcel.reuteg...@gmx.net>
Subject Re: Restricting xpath query to document text
Date Thu, 11 May 2006 09:48:25 GMT
thomasg wrote:
> Hi Marcel,
> I've just been looking at a some more typical queries that our system will
> need to run and am finding a (related) but more serious problem using
> jcr:like. 
> A query such as this works fine:
> String queryString = "//element(*, axxia:resource)[jcr:like(@axxia:title,
> '%inking%Java%')]"; 
> But how can you specify that you want the document text to be like
> '%inking%Java%'? Is it currently the case that jcr:like can only search
> properties and not the document text?

Yes, in JSR-170 the jcr:like() function is specified to only work on String 
properties. And I think this makes sense, because a like operation on a potentially 
large text which is not tokenized may be quite expensive. you should then rather use 
jcr:contains which also works on fulltext indexed binary properties.

> Using jcr:contains the situation is ok since jcr:contains(., 'word')
> searches the document text, even though you can't specify 'ONLY the document
> text and not other properties'. 

I think this is a reasonable extension that we should consider in jackrabbit.

it is tracked with this issue:


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