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From "hsp" <piccina...@ibest.com.br>
Subject About Item events.
Date Thu, 18 May 2006 17:48:12 GMT
Hi all;

We are building a security module for jackrabbit implementing an AccessManager interface.
I realized that when I ask to jackrabbit like "node.remove()" there are several calls to the
AccesManager by the permission 1 (read) on nodes tree above the node I want to remove.
The interesting thing I found is that only when I call session.save(), jackrabbit calls to
the AccessManager by the permission 4 (remove) on nodes I already remove with "node.remove()".
(so my implementation wont find the nodes and will cause exceptions).
Is this the normal behavior of jackrabbit? Why it doesn't ask by permission 4 in the moment
I call "node.remove()", it only do that when I call "session.save()".? Is there a need for
jackrabbit calls the permission on session.save again (or only in this event in the case I
Is it configurable or something?

I am doing these questions because I depend on the nodes existing to get the user permissions,
so if jackrabbit only ask for the permission level after the operation did , I wont have any
nodes more because they are already removed, understand?

Hope your help, thanks

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