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From David Gillen <david.gil...@pnl.gov>
Subject Re: Restore a version of a node property
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2006 19:33:43 GMT
Tobias Bocanegra <tobias.bocanegra <at> day.com> writes:
> hi oliver,
> you can access the content of the version directly in the jcr:versionStorage.
> either by searching for your version, or by using the version history:
> node.getVersionHistory().getVersion(xyz).getNode


I have the same issue as the original poster, and I'm having trouble making 
the suggestion above work 
for me.  I keep getting:

javax.jcr.PathNotFoundException: myprop
	at org.apache.jackrabbit.core.NodeImpl.getProperty(NodeImpl.java:2423)

where myprop is the name of the property I'm trying to retrieve.  When I run 
through a debugger, and look at the propertyNames HashMap within the NodeState 
belonging to the node of the older version, I don't see any property names 
listed that I created, only property names that look internal to Jackrabbit.

I can provide source code that demonstrates this problem.  Any ideas?

> regards, toby


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