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From "Tobias Bocanegra" <tobias.bocane...@day.com>
Subject Re: About child Nodes
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2006 08:30:56 GMT
> Ok, really it is what I want to do now, thanks. By the way, I almost know all about mixin
types, I think this kind is for extend some primary type, but it is not what the declaration
supertype does?? What is the difference between two same node types  where in one "isMixin=true"
and  in another "isMixin=false" ?

you can add mixin nodetypes AFTER you created a node (Node.addMixin())
but you need to defined the non mixin nodetypes (i.e. primary node
types) when creating the node.

mixins can be compared to java interfaces, that attribute a node with
additional 'functionality'. a good example of a mixin nodetype is the
'mix:versionable' that make a node versionable, as soon as you add the
mixin to it.

> I've notice this is happen with the propertie of "requiredType=Reference". I can't assign
a value to this propertie this way: Node.setPropertie(prop:Reference,"uuid")...The others
are ok to set.

because Reference properties can only be set using this siganture:
Node.setProperty(String, Node)

regards, toby
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