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From Florent Guillaume ...@nuxeo.com>
Subject Re: efficient note type indexing
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 13:49:43 GMT

Marcel Reutegger wrote:
> Florent Guillaume wrote: 
>> I have a node that has lots of unordered children nodes. Some of these 
>> nodes are "real children" in the document management sense, the others 
>> (in small number) are just nodes that hold complex datatypes but are 
>> really part of the main document.
>> I'd like to access both categories of nodes in an efficient manner:
>> - get only the nodes for my complex datatypes,
>> - get the list of "real children" nodes.
> when you say 'get a list of child nodes' isn't it easier just using the 
> api instead of a query? Node.getNodes() and then have a custom 
> NodeIterator that filters out unnecessary nodes?

An iterator that filters while iterating would be ok when most of the nodes 
match, but in the case where the nodes that I want are those in small 
numbers (and which may be at the end of the iterator list), it's 
inefficient. That's why I mentioned indexed queries.

>> I have flexibility in deciding how these node are typed. I can have 
>> mixin types that are used as marker interface for these two 
>> categories. Or (preferably) I can rely on the supertypes for my node 
>> types to distinguish between the two.
>> What would you recommend so that my queries are processed efficiently, 
>> using underlying indexes?
> using different types for the child nodes is definitively a good idea, 
> as it helps narrowing down the set of nodes that may match.

If I have the (non-mixin) types:
   [my:foo] > my:bar
   [my:gee] > my:bar
the spec ( tells me that I can query
   //element(*, my:bar)
and I'll get my:foo and my:gee nodes too. But is this implemented in 
jackrabbit using efficient indexes, or is there an iteration and comparison 
going on?



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