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From Cedric Bosdonnat <cbosdon...@nuxeo.com>
Subject Re: Using JCR-RMI with the jackrabbit-server
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 08:26:35 GMT
Hi Felix,

Thank you for your quick answer :)

Felix Meschberger a écrit :

>>  Some questions to check what I might do wrong:
>>    + What is the default port used for RMI ?
> The default RMI port in a Java VM is 1099

That's what I thought...

>>    + is the //localhost/jackrabbit.repository url correct ?
> No, the default configuration would be for port 1099, that is
> //localhost:1099/jackrabbit.repository

Ok... thus omitting the port won't choose the default one ? nevermind...

>>    + is there something else to add ?
> Considering, you might not have used the correct port, this might be
> your issue. Else, I cannot tell without logs.

I added the logs of the jackrabbit servlet startup here:
It seems like the port 1099 is busy... but netstat -a doesn't show me
this port as active... I even try to change the port, but I still get
the same exception: "Port already used".

I didn't found them at first look because the log4j line for the file
appender was commented (default option :().

Thanks for your help,

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