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From Cedric Bosdonnat <cbosdon...@nuxeo.com>
Subject Using JCR-RMI with the jackrabbit-server
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 07:26:39 GMT
Hi everybody,

I'm new here and trying to get a connection to the JCR server servlet
throught RMI. I can't figure out what is wrong...

To write the client code (a small test) I followed the JCR-API
instructions (client package). The configuration of the servlet is at
the end of the mail.

Some questions to check what I might do wrong:
  + What is the default port used for RMI ?
  + is the //localhost/jackrabbit.repository url correct ?
  + is there something else to add ?

Thanks for your help,

------------- %< -- META-INF/context.xml -- %<------------

<Context path="/jackrabbit-server-1.0">
    <Resource name="jcr/repository"

------------ %< -- WEB-INF/web.xml -- %<------------
I uncommented all the RMI related lines and added at the end:



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