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From "Peeter Piegaze" <peeter.pieg...@day.com>
Subject Re: About child Nodes
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2006 17:37:21 GMT
Hi Helio,

On 4/20/06, hsp <piccinatto@ibest.com.br> wrote:
> >your 'esc:categ' is defined as mixin nodetype. do you mix-it in to
> >something? or do you use it as a primary nodetype?
> The nodes with this type will be under nt:folder nodes or some other kind that is its
> Under a node 'esc:categ' must be only another(s) node 'esc:categ'.
> I defined it as mixin because I thought this way when the esc:categ is created, it also
> have the property defined for nt:folder types like 'jcr:primaryType' and 'jcr:created',
> because 'nt:folder' is its supertype.

All esc:categ nodes will have those properties anyway, simply because
nt:folder is declared as a supertype of esc:categ. Judging from your
description I think you should not define esc:categ as a mixin. I
think what you want is a primary type: then you can assign it on node
creation with addNode("mynode","esc:categ").

Also notice that if you want esc:categ nodes to only allow esc:categ
children, then you should not make nt:folder a supertype of esc:categ.
As it is, esc:categ inherits the child node defs of nt:folder, which
allows any child nodes of type nt:hierarchy...so this means that
esc:categ nodes can have child nodes of type esc:categ AND child nodes
of type nt:hierarchy.

> But no more node types in my model have 'esc:categ' as supertype.

That's ok.

> >furthermore, the nt:folder supertype already defined a childnode
> >definition for 'nt:hierarchyNode'. so you at least can add those.
> >
> >how do you create your property?
> >
> I thought that declaring properties inside the nodetype declaration would register them
> like that nodetype properties. Is not this way?

Yes this is correct. You declare the property in the node type, and
then you make a node of that type and then you do a setProperty on
that node with a property name and value type that matches the one you
defined in the node type.

> Glad by your help Tobias.
> Helio.


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