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From "Daniel Hagen" <dha...@h1-software.de>
Subject RE: Custom AccessManager / ItemId-Path Resolution
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2006 13:14:13 GMT
Hi Stefan, 

Thank you for the fast reply.

> > However I noticed an immense performance impact (about 500% in a 
> > search) resulting from this because every getPath() call 
> leads (in the 
> > end) to a
> > load() call in the PersistenceManager.
> >
> > Unfortunately the caching mechanisms of jackrabbit (or any caching
> > mechanism) won't help me in the given scenario (a lot of 
> nodes which 
> > are accessed infrequently, frequent insertions into the repository).
> >
> > I would load the itemId -> path assignment at startup but as I 
> > understand the architecture of the AccessManager it is neither 
> > possible to get a list of all item ids nor is it possible to be 
> > notified when a node is inserted to keep the cache up to date.
> >


> amContext.getHierarchyManager() does return an instance of 
> o.a.j.core.CachingHierarchyManager which does, as its name 
> implies, maintain a cache of id->path mappings which should 
> prevent excessive path building. 

Unfortunately this caching mechanism cannot be of much help in my scenario:

- Insertions into the repository are very frequent
- There is a great number of documents in the repository
- Typically queries matching the same documents are not repeated,
performance when on first execution of a query is the big issue

Bottom line is, cache hits will be the exception not the rule

> can you provide a simple 
> test case that demontrates your issue?

I am afraid that will not be so easy since the application is wrapped up
quite tight, but I will try to assemble one in the next days.

Basically a test setup should not be very complicated:
- Repository containing ~ 25.000 nodes using SimpleDbPersistenceManager
attached to a MySQL DB
- Simple Custom AccessManager that only retrieves the path (see code below)
- Execute a contains query that matches a high number of rows but does not
iterate over them
- Deactivate Custom AccessManager (or simply remove the getPath statements
from isGranted/checkPermission)
- Execute same query and compare execution times (~6 seconds vs ~30 seconds
in my szenario)

AccessManager code:

public class DummyAccessManager implements AccessManager
	private AMContext amContext;

	public void init( AMContext accessManagerContext ) 
		throws AccessDeniedException, Exception
		this.amContext = accessManagerContext;

	public void close() throws Exception
		this.amContext = null;

	public void checkPermission( ItemId id, int permissions ) 
		throws AccessDeniedException,
		this.amContext.getHierarchyManager().getPath( id );

	public boolean isGranted( ItemId id, int permissions ) 
		throws ItemNotFoundException, RepositoryException
		this.amContext.getHierarchyManager().getPath( id );
		return true;

	public boolean canAccess( String workspaceName )
		return true;



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