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From "hsp" <piccina...@ibest.com.br>
Subject Re: About child Nodes
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 17:45:05 GMT

I hope not anoying you with these questions.
I did the setProperty, but only got success in simple valued reference properties. If a propertie
is multivalued it doesn't work.
Thats the code I did for mysetProperty:

Session session=referNode.getSession();
Node referenced = session.getNodeByUUID(id);
Value referencedValue=session.getValueFactory().createValue(referenced);
referNode.setProperty(xxx:categ, referencedValue);

Could you give an example of how it would be in case of 'xxx:categ' is multivalued?
Thanks again

>> >> I've notice this is happen with the propertie of "requiredType=Reference".
I can't assign a value to this propertie this way: Node.setPropertie(prop:Reference,"uuid")...The
others are ok to set.
>> >
>> >because Reference properties can only be set using this siganture:
>> >Node.setProperty(String, Node)
>> Tobias, this is for set single valued reference, how to set this propertie when it
is reference and multivalued?
>this signature does not exist. you need to generate a Value[] array,
>using the session.getValueFactory().createValue(Node) signature, and
>then pass this array to the setProperty(String, Value[]) method.
>regards, toby
>Tobias Bocanegra, Day Management AG, Barfuesserplatz 6, CH - 4001 Basel
>T +41 61 226 98 98, F +41 61 226 98 97

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