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From "hsp" <piccina...@ibest.com.br>
Subject Re: Multiple workspaces
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2006 13:27:15 GMT
Sorry if my question wasn't clear...so,
I would to enable a repository server (running in a especific machine with configuration for
all workspaces needed, one per webapp using the repository) with a application running like
a engine for all different webapp running in another webcontainner of another machines.
But, if there is the possibility to make a repository with only one workspace for different
applications use, I think it is so less complex, then I'll re-think about it.
It's so confusing for me understang such configuration, sorry.
Thanks by your help

>Hi hsp!
>>I want to know if is there possible that , in model 3 of deployment, I can have only
one repository that has one workspace per each webapp that is in another web container.
>I can't understand very well your first question. You can have a 
>repository which several workspaces, each one in a different machine. It 
>depends of the persister you use. For instance you can have a repository 
>with 2 workspaces. You can use a "SimpleDBPersister" in a remote 
>database server for a workspace, and a "fileSistemPersister" in your 
>machine for another workspace.
>>Another doubt is if it is possible to make a search that searches in all workspaces
the repository has.
>>Many Tks.
>When you search nodes and properties in a repository, first, you have to 
>connect to this. To connect is necesary to call Repository.login, and 
>then you get the session object.
>The session object is tied to a workspace in the repository. Then you 
>only can search nodes in a workspace per session.

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