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From Ruslan Spivak <rspi...@nuxeo.com>
Subject [ANNOUNCE]: JCR Ice Connector
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2006 20:07:49 GMT
Hello, everybody.

I would like to make small announce.
We at Nuxeo http://nuxeo.com began to work on JCR Ice Connector which
will be part of our ongoing effort towards CPS4 - Enterprise Content
Management System:
and is a Java implementation of a facade to Jackrabbit JCR utilising Ice
communications engine that provides bidirectional cross-language
integration service, high-scalable communication platform and this
way Ice Connector allows to interact transparently with JCR from Java,
C#, VB, C++, Python, PHP.

Ice, the Internet Communications Engine, is a free high-performance
middleware which includes wealth of services and plugins:
messaging service, grid computing and much more.
You can read additional information at their site http://www.zeroc.com

Currently JCR Ice Connector provides small set of read methods, but it
will be extended further to support majority of Level1 and Level2

You can checkout code which contains also small test client written in
Python with svn from:
or visit it via browser at:

P.S. Thanks everybody who worked on Jackrabbit making it such a great

Best regards,
Ruslan Spivak

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