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From "Alexandru Popescu" <the.mindstorm.mailingl...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: document order related questions
Date Fri, 31 Mar 2006 09:13:57 GMT
Ohhhh... and I forgot the question about the document order disabling
in searchs: I have read quite a few posts on the ML about bad
performance queries. For most of them, the answer was disable document
order. If this is a known problem, why isn't it by default disabled? I
guess the other answers may clarify this one too, but I thought I
should mention it for further reference. Thanks again.

Eagerly waiting for some light :-).

.w( the_mindstorm )p.

On 3/31/06, Alexandru Popescu <the.mindstorm.mailinglist@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi!
> I have been trying to understand what exactly is the document order and why it is set
by default to
> true in the queries, even if it is known its bad impact on performance.
> I have been rechecking the spec, but I couldn't find any definition of this term. A definition
> probably be deduced from the 6.4.2 Document View XML Mapping chapter, but this would
lead to a
> vicious circle imo.
> So, what is the document order? Please give me any details that might enlighten me about
this term.
> Related to this document order there is another paragraph in the spec that is not absolutely
> to me. I am refering to Document Order:
> [quote]
> If document order searching is supported, then the context
> functions related to document order, last() and position(), must
> also be supported.
> [/quote]
> This paragraph should be read like: last(), position() can be used _only_ in queries
that use the
> document order?
> If this is the case, than optimization queries like position() > x (for paging) will
not work when a
> specific order is used (and I know there is already a JIRA issue about position() being
able to
> handle only equality :-) ). Than you will need to rely on the NodeIterator.skip() that
is not
> required to be lazy.
> Can you please give me some details, comments, opinions, anything that might remove the
shaddow on
> this points? Many, many thanks in advance,
> ./alex
> --
> .w( the_mindstorm )p.

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