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From "jeremi joslin" <jerem...@gmail.com>
Subject simple webdav versioning
Date Sun, 12 Mar 2006 10:32:06 GMT
I'm working on a project of open source (ASL 2.0) document manager.
The goal is to make collaboration easier. We want to do a tool like a
wiki, but with desktop tools like Open Office, MS Office or anything
else if you develop the plugin. We use jackrabbit (simple webdav
server) as our webdav repository. We need to be able to save each
version of all files.

As I've seen in the simple server, the versioning is not implemented,
but it is on the JCRServerServlet.
Do you want to implement it on the simple server?
Does someone is working on? I will be pleased to help to do it.


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skype: jeremi23 -- msn et gtalk : jeremi23@gmail.com
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