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From "Martin Perez" <mper...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Fwd: Copy versioned nodes
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2006 10:00:45 GMT
IMHO, copying version history could leave to some problems.

One simple example. Imagine that you have a document in which you have
worked internally for several days. That document will have many versions
with all the changes you did. Now, you have the final version for that
document and you copy the document to your manager's workspace. Imagine what
would happen if your manager could see all the nasty comments about him that
you put on the pre-final versions :-)

Well, this is only a silly example trying to explain that I think that the
common case when copying a node is to get a clean copy, and not a copy with
all the version history. Anyways, this does not mean that the other case is
not possible or useful, but I think that it is not the ordinary case.

In my special case, i.e. jLibrary, users can export repositories and
documents to share them with others. But, why those other users could be
able to read the version history? Even more, I think that my users would not
like that other users could be able to see all the things that they changed
on the document.


On 3/3/06, David Nuescheler <david.nuescheler@gmail.com> wrote:
> hi carlos,
> thanks for the insight.
> > When you copy a versionable node in jackrabbit, is its version history
> > reset? I mean the new node starts with a fresh version history?
> correct. not just in jackrabbit but in jcr in general.
> the node will get a new uuid and therefore will get a new versionhistory.
> > In subversion the version history of the new node (after a copy or move)
> > starts with the version of the source node at the time of the copy.
> move of course works the same way in jcr. copy doesn't.
> > Thus
> > when you examined the version history of the copied node, you see the
> > versions in the new place plus the versions when it was in the old
> > place. I believe that's why it's not necessary to copy the whole version
> > history, it's shared by both nodes, up to the time of the copy, and the
> > fact that it was copied it's also recorded.
> hmm... i am not sure i can see all the consequences of sharing
> a version history between two nodes within the same workspace.
> for example cloned nodes in different workspaces of course share
> one version history.
> while i am still looking for a good reason why version histories in
> general are not copied (at least in my experience) in any config
> management environment, i believe that copying a version history
> (with all its original timestamps) would be sort of "lying" about what
> happend to a node in the past.
> regards,
> david

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