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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Re: dav in SimpleWebdavServlet and JCRWebdavServerServlet
Date Mon, 20 Mar 2006 17:44:35 GMT
hi jérémi

jeremi joslin wrote:
> As i can see, i have to create a class to create a controlled resource
> like this :
> public class VersionControlledResourceImpl extends DavResourceImpl
> implements VersionControlledResource, ItemResourceConstants,
> TransactionResource
> {
> ...
> }

actually you only need to implement the VersionControlledResource
interface for the vc-resource. all the rest (ItemResourceConstants,
TransactionResource and so on) is used for the remoting and has
nothing to do with deltaV.

> I think, most of the code for the resource in the SimpleWebdavServlet
> will be the same as for the resource for the JCRWebdavServerServlet.
> Do you think we can extract the code and share it between this two
> objects? or do you have another idea?

since the resource implementations for the jcr-server are intended
to be used for the remoting of jsr170, they provide a lot of code
that is neither needed nor specially useful for deltaV-support.

some stuff like checkin/checkout, add-version-control will
basically be the same, but the aim of the implementation is
different and so is the focus.
it is comparable to a DavResource.addMember call: in the end both
implementations will do some sort of addNode or addProperty or
importXml due to the fact, that both implementations are built
on top of a jsr170 compliant repository and not because the are
the same.

saying this, i would suggest not to use common base classes or
share code but rather keep the two implementations separately,
at least in a first step.

kind regards

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