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From Alvaro Gonzalez <agonza...@germinus.com>
Subject Problem with jcr:deref
Date Thu, 09 Mar 2006 17:50:59 GMT
Hi everybody.

We have a tree with two branches with references between them (one 
branch with categories which reference contents in the other branch).

We would like to search contents that are referenced from certain 
category (or its subcategories) and that have certain property set to 
whatever. So my XPath query is:

 //element(*,nt:category)[@jcr:uuid = 
'207e56a3-2581-42cd-9a56-701cc63bd171'][@member]/jcr:deref(@member, '*')

(member is the property reference which links to a content).

This query executes good but if i want to introduce the second constrain 
('...the content has some property set to whatever'), so the query would be:

//element(*,nt:category)[@jcr:uuid = 

I get an exception like this:

javax.jcr.query.InvalidQueryException: Unsupported location for jcr:deref()

Why do i get that exception? Is possible to go on navigating the tree 
when using jcr:deref?



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